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Gambling has been considered as the entertainment for men exclusively duringmany years. That is why there are many superstitions about women in the casinos but not at online blackjack rooms where women are always welcome. Others have superstitions about playing in Vegas or playing live blackjack online, and superstitions about women-gamblers are of that field. Women can be good players, and there is nothing bad in live casino games.

Superstitions are wide-spread not only at the lives of common people, but also they play an important role at gamblers’ activities. You will find thousands of players, who won’t ever play at the table or even casino hall, where the woman is present. Superstitions in casino have a lot of common with the rules at pirates’ ships – woman at the board is a bad omen.

Except for the women there are a lot of other superstitions, which can be so unbelievable and foolish, that sometimes it is hard to believe, that someone can be led be these absurd statements. Make sure, that superstitions have nothing common with the reality. Some people believe that black cat brings bad luck, but how the color of cat’s fur can influence your destiny? Or how the trefoil can really bring good luck? How you lucky socks can influence the game running? Superstitions are numerous and you should not believe all them.


Women have influenced blackjack history since the 18th century, very soon after the game became very popular among European players and then all this fuss around blackjack began. It’s been hailed as the card counter’s dream game. And with movies like 21, The Cooler and Maverick the game became enormously popular and every person now knows some basic elements of the blackjack. So we must say – today blackjack online game is available for everyone, and even non-gamblers can enjoy it watching some of entertainment movies.

Today you will find a lot of women who play blackjack at the best world blackjack tournaments and they are treated as well as all others casino players. It is hard to believe now, that just some decades ago women could not just come to any casino and start the game. A lot of superstitions pursued them. But today they have a lot of possibilities to gamble and to show that they may be even better players than man. Women participate at tournaments, and play at regular games.

Women always love to receive presents and when they play at online casinos they can always expect for some really lucrative gifts. Most of the modern gambling houses provide their clients with bonuses and promotions which can be used in playing different games. For blackjack players the number of those presents is usually very big, especially for those who just start to play online. If you want to get some of them right now, you can make use of goldencherry 2014 no deposit casino codes, they are perfect to every player, no matter is it man or woman.

There have been lots of moments in the history of casinos connected with women, and you may clear up some events of the historical development of the blackjack games or do not waste your time and start the game at online casino. Maybe you will be the one who will change the history of the casino games completely!

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You’ll meet here no registration, download or hidden fees. Enjoy colorful graphics and lively sounds. If you want to feel yourself like a real casino gambler, you may play at Las Vegas online and you will plunge into the atmosphere of Las Vegas. Of course, both in land or online casino you should be ready to play blackjack game. Pay attention to the following recommendations and you will definitely succeed. You need only to know blackjack rules to be able to play one of the most famous casino card games. Of course, knowledge of the blackjack winning strategies will have influence upon your games, and if you use blackjack basic strategy you make your winning odds higher!

Play blackjack games only at the best online casinos, as Internet gambling houses, in spite of the traditional ones, offer you Online Casino Bonus, which will help you to play and win more. Nowadays women prefer to play blackjack at adorable online places, so join them. You can also play blackjack on your mobile device. With iphone blackjack you can enjoy your time playing blackjack on the beautiful screen of your iphone.

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