As we have long argued here at Women Blackjack, there has been a long standing historical connection with women and this archetypal casino game. With many famous historical women like Jane Austin, Madame du Barry and even a fair number of famous professional modern players such as Monica Reeves, Alice Walker and many more there’s no shortage of female lovers of the game. But are these women the exception or the rule. Well the easiest way to determine whether there are or aren’t many female players of the game, is to find some data on the subject.

According to mobile gaming site Fortune Frenzy, close to half (48%) of the players on their site are female, and many of them do play the blackjack game. This is interesting as stereotypically mobile gaming devices are predominantly marketed at males, however, the demographic data clearly demonstrates that the split is far more even. Moreover the average age of players on mobile blackjack gamers tend to be around 20-39 years of age. So one must assume that it is popular with young women as much now as it ever was. It can be argued of course that the mobile gaming data cannot be used to determine the popularity of blackjack amongst all women – online and in casino establishments. One could even go one step further, and ask if the blackjack experience really is authentic on mobile.

The ability to play multiple hands by yourself does lend more realism to the gameplay of course. The reason why this is important, is because some might argue that the mobile version of the game doesn’t really reflect how people would play the game inside a casino. Therefore, conclusions drawn about female player numbers from a website are hardly a credible source. Nonetheless, a gambler is a gambler at the end of the day, and whether they play on mobile, or in a casino with other people at the table there is no doubting that a person who plays blackjack will play it anywhere.

Networked blackjack tables

On the subject of multiple hand blackjack, although software providers have for a number of years provided blackjack as an option, very few have multiple hand blackjack games as an option and even fewer allow play against other players on the same table. Considering that networked play works so well in poker it’s strange that software providers don’t try to replicate this success in blackjack. Nevertheless, the industry is constantly changing, and we may soon fid that networked blackjack becomes the norm.

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