Profile of professional player Angie Hardy


Angie Hardy is a single mom to two daughters and she lives in Colorado Spring, Colorado. Although Angie hasn't been playing professional blackjack for very long, she has quickly earned herself a lot of respect and accolades. Her opponents call her "Angie Moneymaker" and she is very well known for her aggressive style of playing which is found in many poker champions.

Angie hasn't been in the professional gambling area for very long so one can't say is she is a full time professional. She first became well known for her appearance at the World Series of Blackjack. The tournament was broadcasted on GSN and it featured Angie twice. She also took part in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour which is CBS's elimination blackjack tournament. Angie had participated in the Ladies Night event in the tournament and had won the first place.

In season three of the World Series of Blackjack, Angie had competed against Erica Schoenberg who is another very well known blackjack player. In the final Wild Card match where four second place players are pitted against one another to qualify through the drawing for the second chance. At this stage of the tournament, Angie and Erica, who were the last two women in the tournament, were both eliminated. The game was won by John Payne and even though she didn't win, Angie gained recognition through that tournament.

Angie had also participated in season two of World Series of Blackjack. During the tournament she participated in the seventh round where she was defeated by Rick Jensen who was the winner of that tournament. She was the runner up in season three in the third round. Angie made her name during this tournament and she came across as a tough competitor.

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour, which is a televised event, had its opening show in 2006. The winners of the weekly tournaments of this event then participate in the Champions final tournament. Angie competed in the Ladies Night tournament, which was also broadcast and did not qualify for the final tournament since that event were not qualified for the final event.

Although Angie had not even in this tournament, it did gain her a lot of publicity. During the event she had played with some of the best players in the world since the event was produced by real professional poker players. The show had gained quite a lot of popularity due to which the second season of the show has also been scheduled to make its appearance on CBS.

Whether or not Angie Hardy would participate in the second season of the tournament and whether or not she would win, cannot be told. But during her short stint as a professional player she did come across as a serious player and a tough competitor to beat.


$ 5.800.409.73