Famous women players related to blackjack

Blackjack is not the only game that has a lot of famous women players. These women were somehow connected with blackjack but are more famous for achievements in other games

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Cyndy Viollette


Born in Queens, New York Cindy represents the online poker website, Doyle’s room. She also has a bracelet from the WSOP tournament to her credit.

Clonie Gowen


Clonie Gowen is from Dallas and is a member of the Full Tilt team. Since 2002, Clonie has an impressive record in tournament winnings.

Evelyn Ng


Evelyn Ng started her career at the age of 17 as a dealer. In 2005, Evelyn rose to fame when she won the second place in the World Poker tournament. Evelyn had bet quite a lot of impressive names in the poker world to gain the second place.

Isabelle Mercier


Isabelle Mercier began her career as a dealer at a Montreal casino but soon got involved in the game. Apart from holding two law degrees, Isabelle also represents PokerStars.

These 2 women are not famous in anything related to blackjack but I want to include them too.

Jennifer Harman


Known to be one of the most respected female players in the industry, Jennifer has two WSOP bracelets to her credit. Jennifer Harman is the only known woman to have won two events at the event.

Katja Thater


Katja Thater is known to be the most famous poker player in Germany. Married to a professional poker player, Katja has several tournament wins and accolades to her credit.


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