Review of the book Gambling and gender

gambling and gender

All books that are written on gambling are either about how to win and play the different games that are based on chance or are based on the addictions and compulsions involved in these games. Unlike any of the books written before, Gambling and Gender is about something different altogether.

The book looks at the game as a communications game rather than compulsion, as a source of recreation rather than deviance. It talks about the subject from a sociology point of view rather than the psychological point of view.

Based on this framework, the book explores various different aspects of the game and gender. It studies how the behaviors of women and men are different when it comes to gambling. It studies how and if women have been able to adapt to the male dominance in the gambling industry. It also studies how women have been able to form and develop unique relationships through gambling.

Another area that is explores is the recent developments and trends in media and technology by which women and men are either claiming or rejecting their identities. The book is quite an interesting read because the authors have used a wide variety of strategies in research like surveys, content analysis, interviews and observational skills to bring forth a new dimension of this interesting subject.

Deborah Phillips, the author of the book, is a professor at the Muskingum College for communications. She has degrees from the University of Wyoming, University of West Alabama and has procured a Ph.D. from the Florida University in communications. She has researched on gender studies, television and cultural studies.

Vicki Wilson, who is the co-author, is a consultant in the education field and is a mentor for the Ohio Education Department. She has an MBA from the American University and Ph.D. from the Southern Mississippi University in educational leadership. She has been an editor and author for quite a lot of journals and e-books.

The book has been published in English in March, 2009 and has 184 pages; quite an interesting book for those who want to explore a different side to the world of gambling.

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