Review of the book A Woman's guide to blackjack


Most books that are written about blackjack are written with men in mind. The books that are solely addressed to men do not work as well for women. The reason is that the way a woman should play the game is different than how men should be playing it.

According to several studies, women have a fair advantage over men when it comes to casino games, including blackjack. Women who are interested in taking up the game seriously must make an effort to learn all the strategies and skills required to be able to beat men at the game.

A woman's guide to blackjack is addressed to women. The book is written to help women improvise on their skill sets and strategies at blackjack. There are several things that a woman can do differently at the table to increase her odds at the game, and the book talks about just those things.

Women are generally considered to be weak players when it comes to casino games, especially by men. But blackjack has nothing to do with gender. Men and women can both excel at the game by making use of effective strategies.

The author, Angie Marshall has been through the situations herself. She has experience male chauvinism at tournaments and casinos herself. However, she learnt a lot from her experiences. Even though she had been treated condescendingly by the casino staff, she handled the situation effectively. Rather than getting angry, she encouraged them to continue doing it.

She took advantage of the situation by making them think that she was innocent and did not understand the intricacies of the game, all the while secretly winning the money of her opponents and the casino. Every woman can make use of such strategies to win at the table every time.

The book has been published in English in 2000 and has 148 pages. It is a fun and an interesting read, and one that teaches a lot too.

After reading this book you can play free blackjack games. There are many sites that give the possibility to play free blackjack online.

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