Review of the Book Of Women and Blackjack


The book "Of Women and Blackjack" is a book written by Muffie Wilkerson. Blackjack has been long known to be a man's domain, but not anymore. The world of blackjack has been drastically changing in the last few years and more women are now taking an interest in the game. Not only that; several women are also now playing blackjack professionally.

It requires a woman to relate to another woman in this situation, playing the game well in a male dominated casino. This book is written to help women with just that. It is written by a woman who has had a lot of experience in the game herself and understands the dynamics involved in it.

The book is fun to read and is quite enjoyable. However, the main goal of the book is to educate women the skills required to win the game and make money at it too. Women can easily make money by winning at the Blackjack table if they have the right skill sets.

This book is for women who are relatively new to the game and are interested in learning it. It is also for women who do know the rules of the game but for some reason lack the courage to play it professionally. Several women get intimidated at the casinos when there are mostly men at the table and easily give away money when there isn't any reason to.

The book has been written with a purpose of teaching what the author has learnt over the years. The book teaches strategies that are meant to make any woman win at the table. Without proper strategies it becomes impossible to win at the table, men or women. There are sharks out there in tournaments and casinos and women would need every help possible to be able to survive.

The book is not a lengthy read; it is just 80 pages long and has been published by Authorhouse in 2005 in English. The author of the book, Muffie Wilkerson had attended the Ohio State University. She is known to be a free spirit, fun loving and vivacious in her ways. Her interests include writing, painting, travelling and of course gambling!

She is mostly seen playing at the Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos. Muffie Wilkerson is known to have a quick wit which is also reflected in the book. The book has humor and a bank of knowledge which women can bank upon.

After reading this book you can try to play free blackjack games to join the best women blackjack players.

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