Books and guides for women

Blackjack has long been associated with women since centuries. However, blackjack has always been a man’s game and women are generally thought unfit for winning at casino games. Things have been changing quite drastically in the last few decades and women are now increasingly taking interest in casino games.

Women not only actively play casino games but they are also winning money at it. Women who have been successful blackjack players would always say that women need different strategies in blackjack if they want to survive at the table. The books mentioned here have been written to guide women to do just that.

Of Women and Blackjack

A Woman’s Guide to Blackjack

Gambling and Gender

blackjack_book Of Women and Blackjack is written specially for women, by a woman who has had considerable experience in the field. The book is written as a guide for those who are new at the game, as well for those who know the game but lack the courage to play it professionally.

blackjack_guide A woman’s guide to Blackjack has again been written by a woman who has herself faced a lot of problems during her blackjack career. The book teaches lessons that the author had learnt herself, and aims at making women stronger to be able to win at the game.

gambling_gender Gambling and Gender is an interesting book. It is an interesting read for both men and women. The book explored the world of casino gambling in a different light and brings forth some interesting facts and findings.