Profile of professional player Cyndy Violette


Cyndy Violette was born in New York and later moved to Las Vegas with her family when she was twelve. As soon as Cyndy came of age she started playing poker in the Las Vegas casinos. She had also worked as a dealer for poker and blackjack at the same time during those years. After pregnancy leave from her job she started playing poker.

As of now, her total earning from poker tournaments is around $1 million. Cyndy Violette has been divorced twice and is mother to one daughter. Cyndy had only been a part time poker player till 1993, and had not played regularly during her first marriage. When she married the second time, she had shifted to Washington and had mainly been playing only for a few tournaments in Las Vegas due to her domestic responsibilities.

Cyndy's favorite game is the seven card stud, unlike many players. Most of her top finishes have been in the seven card stud tournaments, although she has also been successful in Texas Hold'em events. Cyndy has been in the poker industry for quite a long time and has mostly been known as a stud player. Her fame and her poker skills only began to be noticed after she won a bracelet at the 2002 World Series of Poker tournament.

Cyndy Violette is also a member of the prestigious Doyle's Room, which is the online poker room owned by Doyle Brunson. She has had an outstanding track record when it comes to the World Series of Poker tournaments; she has finished in the money in 27 different events at the WSOP.

Her first big win was in 1984 when she won the first place and prize money of $74,000 at the Grand Prix of Poker. Then in 1986 she again won the first place and $74,400 at the same tournament. In 1990 Cyndy won the first place and $62,000 at the tournament of Caesars Palace. She also won the first place at the US Poker championship in 1998 and also in the 2004 World Series of Poker.

At the 2001 WSP Cyndy won the 6th place and the second place in the 2005 event winning the prize money of $295,970. Her next big win was in 2007 at the World Series of Poker where she won $102,648 and the third prize at the tournament.

Cyndy Violette has been given the nickname of "Ultra" by her opponents and she still continues to play in various online tournaments as well as some big tournaments organized in the country.

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