Ten Tips for Starting Blackjacker

The Blackjack is the well-known as the King of card gambling. It received this title for the numerous players all over the world, the great number of different strategies and the incredible size of winnings. But the main detail differing it from other card count games is its ability to beat casino. So, if you want to grow rich beating casino dealers and to reach the level of Ken Uston or Stanford Wong in this, you have to start from the very beginning and to follow all the rules to become a champion.

Before studying the rules of any new game it’s better to understand the main purpose of the game, its tools and peculiarities and only after mastering the basics should you try yourself at best online casino in the United Kingdom. Below you can find a short description of the typical terms, actions and tactics in Blackjack.

  1. In Blackjack they usually use six 52-cards packs, so in general there are 312 cards for a game. The task is to collect the cards with points close to 21. The combination of two cards with the total value of point 21 is Blackjack. The priority has a combination of the Ace and any “faced” card.
  2. There are 3 types of cards: the cards which have their value shown on them, the card with faces whose value is the same and costs 10 points and the special card Ace that may has value of 1 or of 11. Split cards if you have the same ones. It’s better to split such cards as Aces and 8s, independently of the card the dealer has. But never split 10-valued cards, 10s and 5s.  Notice, that you may split cards not more than three times.
  3. If you like the cards you were given - take the double duplicating the bet and receiving one more card.
  4. Otherwise, if you don’t like the first two cards you received you may give up at once. But remember that it becomes impossible after you made a split.
  5. If dealer’s card is the Ace you can insure yourself paying a half of your start bet as an insurance fee and receive the double sum in case of dealer’s Blackjack. But in other case you receive nothing.  
  6. Try to develop your own system for counting cards and use it for your profit.
  7. All casinos have Blackjack tables with different bet ranges, so check the table before start playing with the betting money you’re going to spend.
  8. After making sure you have enough money, ascertain that you have enough time for the game – the longer you play- the higher your chances to win.
  9. And finally, be sure you understand the rules of the casino before you start game or deposit money.
  10. Be ready to stop: if you feel it’s not your day, or, vice versa, if you are in luck for a long,be ready to realize the moment when you are enough. Fix limits for yourself which you never overstep.






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