Famous women players who have excelled at casino games

There was a time when casinos were filled with only man; a woman at a casino was scandal material and quite unheard of. However, things have changed drastically in the recent years you can check it yeti casino. Women are not anymore confined within homes playing simple card games with their friends or playing just the slot machines at the casinos. Online blackjack playing is popular between German women. Women all over US prefer only the best online casinos and the detailed list can be found at USA casinos.

There are plenty of women who have mastered the games and have become famous world wide for their undefeatable skills. Some of the most well known women players are:

Monica Reeves


Monica Reeves is a professional player from Ontario and plays blackjack and poker. She began her career in 2005 and has won several prestigious tournaments in a short time.

Erica Schoenberg


Born in Akron, Ohio; Erica is a professional poker and blackjack player. She received training from a member of the prestigious MIT blackjack team and has gone on to participate in the World Series of Blackjack.

Angie Hardy


Angie is a stay at home single mom to two daughters in Colorado Springs. In the short time since she has been playing professionally, she has made a name for herself as an aggressive players. Her opponents know her by the name "Angie Moneymaker".

Cathy Hubert


Cathy Hulbert is known to be the best female gambler on earth. Cathy is also a member of the prestigious Ken Uston's Blackjack team and has won a bracelet in the World Series of Poker in 1993.

Annie Duke


Annie Duke is known by several names, The Duchess of Poker, The Duke and Annie Legend. Annie has played Elimination blackjack in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour.

Linda Johnson


Linda Johnson was born in Long Island and is known as the First Lady of Poker. In 1997 Linda won a bracelet at the World Series of Poker and has had a long association with the game.

Tiffany Michelle


Tiffany Michelle was born in Newhall, California. In the main event of 2008 World Series of Poker tournament Michelle won the 17th place and was the last woman to be eliminated from the game.

Jennifer Tilly


Jennifer Tilly is a well known actress, Oscar Nominee and also a WSOP bracelet winner. Despite of her acting career Jennifer continues to participate in many poker tournaments.

Blackjack-the casino game for everyone!

Casinos for many years have been considered the domain of men, with woman playing a supporting role but with the creation of online casino games, women have been enjoying playing just as much as men. There are several high profile women blackjack players from around the globe who enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing 21 just as much as every man, and who have won big individually or in tournaments. Famous names such as Jennifer Tilley, Oscar nominated actress and Annie Duke, known as the Duchess of poker, have made their mark playing blackjack in the world blackjack series. Join these ladies and enjoy a sophisticated table game that will have you returning for more every time and discover why blackjack remains one of the most famous games today.

Blackjack-games require an element of skill, and many lady players credit female intuition with helping them win big or implement strategies that have helped them achieve success. Men have often considered casino games their forte, but woman are closing the gap and enjoying the thrill and excitement of this form of online entertainment just as much. Knowing the game and making a decisive choice on whether to hit or stand will improve your chances of winning and just a small amount of reading up on the literature available will help you beat the odds to become a blackjack winner.

Blackjack has been around for centuries and can be traced back to France in as early as the 1700s and various styles of this game have been developed over the years to bring online casino players the best possible games with the greatest in online entertainment on offer. Choose from a variety of blackjack games on offer and discover your favourite version with the house edge that suits you. Atlantic City, European, Spanish and Vegas strip blackjack are just some of the exciting games on offer and are enjoyed by men and woman around the world.


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