Women who have earned their fame at the World Series of Blackjack


Women are not restricting themselves to simple home card games anymore. They are welcome to play all live casino games at Paddy Power, Poker Stars or any other online casino. Even at live casinos today more women are seen at the poker and blackjack tables rather than at the slot machines. This transformation has evolved over the last few decades where women have slowly began to consider blackjack as an interesting game.

Blackjack is no longer just a man’s game; women in fact have an advantage at the game. Women in the recent years have not only been beating men at the casinos but they are also winning and performing well at some of the prestigious tournaments and events like the Ultimate Blackjack Tour and the World Series of Blackjack.

In the World Series of Blackjack Season one, Regina Guzior had been the winner of the first round and had been the last woman standing at the final stage. rulett77estonia.com. Even though Regina did not win, her performance had been outstanding. We have heard that Regina has lots of practice playing online blackjack as well.

In the season two, Erica Schoenberg had been the runner up in the 6th round and was the last woman to get eliminated in the wild card round. Erica Schoenberg has had a long and impressive career at blackjack. Other women who have performed well at the World Series of Blackjack are Angie Hardy, Alice Walker and Kristine Johnson. Alice Walker had been the winner of season 4 and had won $500,000 as prize money.

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour is also a very prestigious tournament. The event is a televised event and has seen great performances by professional women players through its different seasons. Many other gambling tournaments are also held especially for women or with women's participation. This means that there are also lots of professional women players in poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, etc. That's why many of them can just say "this is how to play holdem poker, dude".

During season one; Adrianne Jade had been the runner up. Monica Reeves, Angie Hardy and Erica Schoenberg had also performed quite well during season one.

Season two of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour had seen great performances from several different female blackjack players. Annie Duke, the famous WSOP bracelet winner had performed quite well at the tournament. The season two runner up had been Renee Angelil. However, other players like Erica Schoenberg, Angie Hardy, Adrianne Jade and Jennifer Tilly had also performed quite well.

The Ultimate Blackjack Tour is an Elimination Blackjack tournament which had first started in 2006. The players play a tournament over a period of a week and the winners of each week then compete against each other for the Championship title at the end of the tournament.

The performance of women blackjack players at both these events has been quite impressive and has helped the casino gambling community sit up and take notice of the rise in the number of female players.


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