Blackjack rules

Blackjack is a card game that is widely-spread in online casinos. Rules of Blackjack are available to any player, so it is played by many people. Providing gamblers with various types of live blackjack casinos gains not only more visitors and profit, but even a kind of a gambling special charm as well.

There are three different types of blackjack that are played in real and online casinos:

  • Basic: a dealer has one opened card and one hole card;
  • With two cards face up: additional rules do not apply, Blackjack 1:1;
  • European: a dealer takes his second card after all players finished the set. If the dealer has blackjack, then all players get all the additional interest (except the "insurance").

Let’s take a look at its rules.

The player bets against the dealer. There is a prevailing opinion that the goal of the game is to score as many points as possible, but no more than 21. Unfortunately, this opinion is mistaken. The real goal is to beat the dealer.

There are one to eight decks used in the game. Due to the fact that the probability of a winning combination is lower when more decks are used, an advantage of the player decreases with increasing number of decks.

At the end of set when almost a third of the deck remains the dealer shuffles the cards. The dealer sets an exact value of cards and places a special card named “shoes” by the eye. When playing one deck is often been mixed after each game.

When playing with a shuffle machine it is considered that an “endless deck” is used.

The value of cards:

  • from 2 to 10 points - respectively from deus to ten;
  • ace gets 1 or 11 points (11 p. - until the total amount is no more than 21);
  • king, queen and jack – 10 points.

Well, the game starts with a simple operation. Players make their bets and put chips to the appropriate fields on a table. The bets must be made before the cards are dealt. After the first cards was dealt the betting is prohibited and nobody can even touch the chips.

The situation when a player and a dealer have an equal number of points is called “Push”. In this case all remain with their bids. No one wins and one loses. Although, it happens that different casinos use an exception and in case of "Push” the casino wins.

If you want to practice then just visit one of online casinos right now and download free blackjack.


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